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Book Review: Catching Fire

Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins Published by: Scholastic Press ISBN13: 978-0-439-02349-8 ISBN10: 0-439-02349-1 Review copy purchased by reviewer Reviewed By: Lauren Lapinski Picking up almost one year after The Hunger Games, Catching Fire brings us right back into the life … Continue reading

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Book review: The Hunger Games Review

With constant predictions of the human race and the world coming to an end in the year 2012, many of us fear what the near and distant future hold. Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games takes place sometime in the distant future in the ruins of North America, now known as Panem. Continue reading

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Manga Review: Otomen

When we think of males and their hobbies, the first thing we usually think of is sports. From baseball to wrestling, if it’s a spectator sport, men will watch it. This is not the case, however, for Asuka Masamume of Otomen, a guy who loves all things girly, and who is forced to hide his passions to appear manly.
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Shojo Review: Gaba Kawa

Gaba Kawa By Rie Takada Published by: Shojo Beat Manga ISBN13: 978-1-4215-2259-3 ISBN10: 1-4215-2259-4 Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski When someone says “shojo manga”, the image that usually comes to mind is of high schools girls, pretty boys, and huge helpings … Continue reading

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Book review: Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave Written by: Jeaniene Frost Published by Avon ISBN: 978-0-06-124508-4 Review by Lauren Lapinski During this year’s New York Comic Con, I was fortunate enough to listen to Jeaniene Frost, along with a few other authors, talking … Continue reading

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Turn Coat Review

Turn Coat Written by: Jim Butcher Published by RoC ISBN: 9780451462565 Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski A wizard accused of a crime he claims not to have committed, a creature of myth and nightmare on the loose in Chicago, a traitor … Continue reading

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Fairway to Heaven Review

Fairway to Heaven Written by J. David Barron Published by A Ladder Press Publishing Book ISBN: 097937653 Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski Golf, just the thought of the word and one automatically thinks of players such as Tiger Woods or movies … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ghost Medicine

Ghost Medicine Written by Andrew Smith Published by Feiwel and Friends ISBN10: 0312375573 ISBN13: 9780312375577 Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski Ah, the coming-of-age story. It is a tale often told of dealing with situations of real life and how they help … Continue reading

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Book review: Who is Shayla Hacker?

Who is Shayla Hacker? Written by Evan Kilgore Published by Bleak House Books ISBN: 9781932557306 Review by Lauren Lapinski How far would you be willing to go to find someone you may or may not remember from your past? Would … Continue reading

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