Comic Con 2012: Cecilia S. Pego

Cecilia S. Pego

Ms. Pego is called “La Diva de la Novela Grafica Mexicana” and her new work, “Exilia” is absolute proof of her artistry and vision. As I was reading it at the hotel, it did what good fiction (graphic or otherwise) does for me: it stopped the world outside while I was reading it. “Exilia” is a wild story about madness and visionaries, spirituality and greed, and the art work is mind blowingly beautiful. Ms. Pego showed me her originals, which are watercolor with India ink or the thinnest layers of oils (thinner than I thought you could get with oil paint on sized but unmounted canvas) and are stunning. So I think only the lettering was done in the prep for publication. After seeing the originals, I can affirm that the resolution her publisher, Publica in Mexico City, is excellent. And the good news is there will be five or six more volumes of this story. So there IS something to look forward to! She exhibited at APE last year and this is her first Comic Con. She originally trained as a civil engineer, and the drafting skills she learned as an engineer inspired her to become an artist.

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