Comic Con 2012: Krisztianna


This is Krisztianna’s first Comic Con; she was on the waiting list and got lucky. She had some prints, but she also had comic book with a character called Density Bloom. Density is a creature of the dark, her father is Chtulu, and she doesn’t like who she is, so she’s always trying to sew her tentacles up into her stomach. The book is about Density understanding that she is who she is, even though she has tentacles bursting out of her stomach, and her father is Chtulu. She also has an experimental graphic novel, “Sleepless,” about a dream sequence Krisztianna had. The panels are not sequential and it’s up to the reader to find their own internal narrative in the book. Krisztianna went to Otis College of Art and Design and graduated in their Communications program with an emphasis in illustration and graphic design. Coming up this year, Krisztianna is planning more dream sequence graphic novels and a new coloring book with a mermaid character named Arté. Her nieces are her test audience and they have great taste because the coloring books–Mermaids, Warriors of the World, Creatures of Legend–are adorable.

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