Comic Con 2012: Sze Jones

Sze Jones

It was great to see Sze Jones again this year. This past year she made a beautiful marquette, her first marquette, Cyber Geisha, and she’s making a comic book of Cyber Geisha for next year’s Comic Con. She has a few new prints, but mostly she made that beautiful statue of Cyber Geisha. Sze said she’s doing sculpture to get to have a deeper understanding of her character in three dimensions. She sculpted her figure in clay, made the mold from silicon, and cast it in parts in resin. The little dragon in the sculpture is Cyber Geisha’s companion in arms. I salute Sze for her diligence and thoroughness in her art, and can’t wait for this comic book! At Comic Con 2013 she plans to have something more refined statues for sale. Sze’s made her new print, “Fire Druga,” for a self-portrait as a mythical creature gallery show. The lion is her cat.

I was so impressed with Cyber Geisha, I made my first animated gif in her honor (please don’t laugh too hard).

I’m also putting all the pictures in so you can get a good look at her. She’s just divine.

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