Comic Con 2012: Sho Murase

Sho Murase

I was glad Sho Murase had a few minutes for this year because I really enjoyed talking to her last year. Since I saw her in 2012, she’s done a few covers for Marvel and a few new prints for Comic Con. One of her new prints is of Red Riding Hood, some are of superheroes. She’s working on a hard cover book with a friend that wasn’t ready in time for this year’s Comic Con. The theme of this black and white hard cover book is a mystery thriller type of story. She’s also working on a picture book of Japanese monsters that will be created on wood in gouache.

She said she likes the gouache because of the transparency that shows the wood grain. In addition to the Marvel covers, she did a mix of animation, illustration, and character design for various companies, one of which was Disney.

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