Comic Con 2012: Ghengis


Ghengis has been making art her entire life, but has only been doing the mixed media work for about a year. She attended an arts high school and several art colleges, but has mainly evolved as an artist by doing art. She lives in San Diego and this is her first Comic Con as an exhibitor. She was really enjoying it when spoke to her. She is tattoo artist. She used to do a lot of pin-up work, but her inspiration comes from many sources. Since she’s been tattooing, she’s been exposed to a lot of different subjects that people ask for as skin illustrations. Sometimes a request will spark a painting that’s not exactly related to the tattoo. She’s been doing tattoo work for the past five years. She has wonderful tattoos. This coming year, she’s planning to do more art shows. She had her first solo show last February and has gotten a lot of interest and offers for shows and work since then. she’d like to do more paintings and shows than anything else. I was impressed by Ghengis’ work. She has a drawing of woman taking a razor blade out of her mouth and I was clueless enough to ask if the woman was flossing with the blade. No, she wasn’t; apparently when some girls fight they keep a blade in their mouth so they can slash the other girl’s face with it.

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