Katsucon 2016 – Masquerade

The hosts were the same as last year, Frank and Sadie Doyle from the graphic novel, ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’ with a mix of characters to surprise the audience. The ‘ding’ from the clinking glasses was a small brick joke from last year and there were other interesting scenarios to keep us laughing.
You can catch the entire thing on TheFansPOV on youtube.

The judges were introduced and we jumped to the skits starting with a song skit with a fight from the Steven Universe. There were a few walkons.

Making another appearance from the Otakon masquerade, the girl with the puppet danced onstage…and offstage followed by RWBY (won Craftsmanship Honorable Mention) and three wonderful gown renditions from Fullmetal Alchemist. (Miniskirt appearance!)

(Welcome to Bathhouse Spirited Away Timestamp: 15:50) A beautiful rendition of the movie with key moments. Although there was a prop malfunction, everyone understood what was meant to happen and we were still thrilled. It was sweet, funny and I love the appearance of Haku. Won Master Presentation and Big Danny T Old School Award.

Surprising us in the novice category was Cinderella who walked on with the beautiful blue gown with lights who received a Craftsmanship Honorable Mention as well as a special prize of $15 coupon of Hime Romance Merchant. Even more surprising in the master category were six Disney princesses along with a beautiful Mulan who fits the part. They received a Judge’s Award, Presentation Honorable Mention and Mulan received a personal Judge’s Award.

(Team 7 Rocks! Naruto Timestamp: 23:45) Singing and dancing Naruto characters…a given for every masquerade. But we have a live singing which was a real treat. Got to love that transformation jutsu! Won Journeyman Presentation . (The motorcycle was also made by hand!)

(The Little Mermaid Timestamp: 29:10) Lots of Disney characters during this masquerade! Ursala swung onstage with tentacles dancing and charming the crowd. Whoohoo! Judge’s Award.

(Batman Timestamp: 34:35) Harley dancing and singing on stage…acapella, live and on rollerskates! Totally in character and a crowd pleaser. Judge’s Award.

(Hakuouki Timestamp: 38:19) A personal fav, Okita singing ‘Paint it Red’ from Hakuouki: Okita hen musical. She has the fight choreography as well. Best in Show winner!

(Feed the Spirit of the Sword Zelda Timestamp: 40:35) A beautiful dance skit which shows off the cosplay. Craftsmanship Honorable Mention.

(Zelda Timestamp: 42:15) Another dance skit but one which is carefree and fun. Great expressions! Won Best Journeyman Craftsmanship.

Soma walkon! The cosplay is spot on and the character expressions are perfect! Won Best Master Craftsmanship.

(Cutie Panther Love Live! Timestamp: 45:30) The girls were adorable and the dance was great. Catchy and fun! Presentation Honorable Mention.

(Yugioh Desu Cards Yugioh Timestamp: 50:10) Old school series! New card game…and on stage fight. Time to duel…with John Cena! Funny and filled with memes! Presentation Honorable Mention.

Kill la Kill’s Ryuko walkon to the cheers of the crowd was next.

(Love Live! Timestamp: 57:00) *insert obligatory ballroom skit here with yuri implications* Beautiful cosplays and sweet antics. Judge’s Award.

One of my fav walkons…Eliza Dolittle in her Ascot dress. Kyaaaaa…so perfect! Craftsmanship Honorable Mention.

(The Feelings of Cosplay Inside Out Timestamp: 59:35) A great mix from the movie characters with cosplay concerns. This was a good rendition with humor…and the reality of cosplay competitions.

A special request for no flash photography for the next walkon…since the cosplayer really can’t see while walking. Black Frost from League of Legends. Amazing! Won Best Overall Craftsmanship.

Some old school walkons include Princess Mars from Sailor Moon as well as Hikaru and Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth. Poor Mokona! They received a Judge’s Award.

Special mention to Hyakuya Yuichiro cosplay walkon! Love the lining on the cape. Won Best Novice Craftsmanship.

(Present Timelines Madoka Magica Timestamp: 1:13:15) Dramatic retelling of the series complete with fast forward and ribbon dances. They hit iconic moments…including a special beheading. Love the fight at the end…with stage ninjas! The cosplays were beautifully done, especially the ones at the end. Won Best Overall Presentation.

(Kamigami no Asobi Timestamp: 1:19:20) Novice category? I’m amazed since their cosplays are wonderful! A beautiful rendition of a speical moment of Yuri with each of the gods. This is more than novice, it’s magical. A personal fav of the skits. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t compete for craftsmanship since they weren’t able to be judged since it happened during the fire. Best Novice Presentation and a $15 Hime Romance merchant coupon.

Hallcosplay awards were given next starting with the youth category. It’s adorable that Venus had to lead the children off or on the the stage at times.

To kill time, they had the masquerade cosplayers walk on stage for some pictures. That was great when some single cosplayers posed in groups. Some friendships are created in cosplay.

The judges of the masquerade were finally ready and their awards were presented.