Katsucon 2017 – a con in review

The Gaylord Resort and Convention Center becomes a center of cosplay and fandoms as fans gather at Katsucon. This year, it wasn’t on Valentine’s Day but the weekend afterwards, February 17 to 19. The weather was beautiful, warm so cosplayers flooded the grounds with their latest outfits, photoshooting and posing. A celebration of series and music with masquerade, craftsmanship and panels. My focus of the weekend was on the cosplays as usual and the con didn’t disappoint.
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Otakon 2016 – Makino Yui Concert

Makino Yui-san stepped onstage and opened with the light and cheerful melody of ‘Modokashii Sekai no Uede’ which brought on the cheers of the crowd. She then greeted the audience in English with a loud voice. “Thank you! Hi, everyone! Hi, Balitmore! I’m happy to see all of you!” The audience was definitely excited as they cheered back. Yui-san then switched to Japanese.

    Yui: Hello, everyone. I’m Makino Yui. Thank you very much. Is it okay to speak in Japanese? That’s amazing! Do you understand Japanese? Thank you so much! I love you all! Thank you!

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Book review: Joe Steele by Harry Turtledove

I’d like to publish the following guest review by my favorite collaborator, Pet Leopard, as a warning of things to come after the nomination of Donald Trump on January 20th. God help America.

“Joe Steele” by Harry Turtledove
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication Date: 12/01/2015
ISBN-13: 9780451472199
Book supplied by Reviewer

Guest Review by Pet Leopard

Well, according to a popular old saying: “The more things change, the more they stay the same. Harry Turtledove’s thought provoking masterpiece, “Joe Steele”, is a testament to the truth of that line of reasoning.

As a child of the early 1960’s, I have lived through both Kennedy assassinations, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the Gulf War, the attacks on the World Trade Center, and a horrible decade-long period of warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although Mr. Turtledove references an alternate history that’s set well before the earliest of those events had taken place, there are many parallels that resonate very closely.
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Book review: “Do You Want to Know a Secret? The Autobiography of Billy J. Kramer

BY: BILLY J. KRAMER with Alyn Shipton
PUBLISHED BY: Equinox Publishing 2016
ISBN: 978 1 78179 361 9
Review copy sent by publisher

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

The British Invasion didn’t just bring The Beatles to our shore. It also brought a great many young British bands eager to follow in their footsteps. Some went on to become big stars, like The Rolling Stones and The Who. Some were one hit wonders who just came and went. But one enduring presence was a lad who befriended the Fab Four when they were all just aspiring young musicians in Liverpool. His name was, and is, Billy J. Kramer.
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Otakon 2016 – a con in review

Otakon’s last weekend at Baltimore was filled with a plethora of guests with varied talents. From Japan, we have industry guests, from PA Works CEO Horikawa Kenji, Producer Kikuchi Nobuhiro and art director Higashiji Kazuki, illustrator Fukagawa Kasumi of the Idolish Seven fame and director Akane Kazuki from Sunrise amongst others. Popular seiyuu Yamamoto Kazutomi and Makino Yui share their experiences and musical talent. Other musical guests include ALL-OFF, Michi and Yoshiki making a rare appearance via webcam. Stateside guests include Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, Aaron Dismuke, Caitlin Glass, Lauren Landa and way, way more. Culture guests include priestess and model Kanawa Kuniko, Men at Arms and these are just the tip of the list. With the number of guests and events, we can’t hit everything. However, the weekend has created memories which the city will not soon forget.
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Otakon 2016 – Makino Yui panel

Makino-san opened by greeting the audience, noting that it was her first time in Baltimore and she was very happy with yesterday’s concert. She was thrilled that everyone was able to sing with her. The audience started calling out ‘Hello!’ in response. Makino-san smiled as she said that she was initially afraid that she was going to be singing by herself. *fans awwed* “I’m so happy to sing with you. Thank you very much!”
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Otakon 2016 – Sailor Moon Viz panel

Prior to the start of the panel, they show the trailers for Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon Crystal. It is interesting to see the trailers back to back and being able to compare the new and old series. Though the voice actors are the same, the feel of the series is very different. Even looking at the trailers really hyped up the crowd who cheered for their favorite moments on the screen.
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Book review: My Kid Brother’s Band a/k/a The Beatles!

My Kid Brother’s Band, aka The Beatles!
By Louise Harrison
Published by Acclaim Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-938905-52-0
Review copy sent by publisher

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

I first saw Louise Harrison at this year’s Fest for Beatles Fans in Rye, N.Y. She spoke about her brother George with so much love and affection that I decided I had to read her book to learn more about the man we Beatles fans call The Quiet Beatle, but she called her little brother. I was half expecting a puff piece making George look more angelic than was humanly possible, like another Harrison bio I read (see my earlier review, “Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison” by Joshua M. Greene). Instead, I found an honest, in-depth history of the author’s life during World War II as well as before and after her little brother became famous.
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Book review: Here Comes the Sun. The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison

Here Comes the Sun. The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison
By Joshua M. Greene
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006
Review copy provided by publisher

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Let me say right from the beginning: I loved this book! Despite the obvious proselytizing on behalf of the Hindu religion—what used to be known as Krishna Consciousness here in the States—Joshua M. Greene, writer and producer for PBS and the Disney Channel (he also wrote “Justice at Dachau” and “Witness: Voices from the Holocaust”, which was made into a PBS-TV documentary), has written a tender, loving account of the life of George Harrison, before and after the Beatles, and how his faith in Krishna helped him to overcome all the emotional and financial setbacks in his life, ultimately allowing him to die with grace after losing his battle with brain cancer.
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AnimeNEXT 2016 – a con in review

From the suburb to the city, AnimeNEXT starts it’s new life in a larger venue, the Atlantic City Convention Center. Much larger than the Garden State, it has room for the growing number of attendees. This year, I know many have decided not to trek it out to East coast’s own city of temptations, but they missed out on an exciting weekend of music, fashion, anime and fun.

Headlining guests is the creator of Black Lagoon, Hiroe Rei-sensei, seiyuu Matsui Naoko-san and Producer/Director Daichi Akitaro-san (Fruits Basket). TRIGGER Wakabayashi Hiromi and Koyama Shigeto returns third year in a row with Inferno Cop’s own designer Amemiya Akira-san. Stateside guests includes voice actors Richard Epcar, Todd Haberkorn, Bill Rogers, Marc Swint and more. Mint Neko is will be on the show floor with his latest from Japan along with a fashion show by Vedetta Marie. AnimeNEXT is also happy to celebrate ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D’s 10th Anniversary at AC with a Friday concert along with ZAQ’s live on Sunday. Also returning to AnimeNEXT is the World Cosplay Summit finals with the chosen winners going to compete in the 2016 WCS in Nagoya, Japan!

Atlantic City…here is AnimeNEXT!
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