Comic Con 2011: Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman

I talked to Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman last year (CCSD 2010 scroll down) and was a total idiot because I know nothing about gaming of any kind except you use these cute dice and cards and everything is so elegant and organized. Thank God Wendy Lee was there taking pictures for me (my camera battery was locked in my luggage at the train station [total idiot that day, really]) to smooth things over by laughing her ass off at me.

Bryan is not laughing at me in the 2010 picture, he’s too nice for that. By the way, that’s my hand holding a tape recorder, not some unspeakable horror. Anyway. As you can see Bryan, like Shannon Wheeler, changed his look since the last time I saw him. He’s wearing the same shirt though. Continue reading “Comic Con 2011: Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman”

Comic Con 2011: Sho Murase

Sho Murase has been working in animation as a freelance character designer and storyboarder for the past ten years. At this year’s Comic Con, she’s showing and selling her personal work. She was raised in Spain and went to art school in Canada. She’s been exhibiting at CCSD, APE and WonderCon for the past five years. I got a copy of her comic book, “Sheila,” volume 1.

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Comic Con 2011: Amy Mebberson

Amy Mebberson draws very pretty girls and she had some cool artwork at her table in Artists’ Alley. She’s been a comic book artist since she moved out of animation at Disney at Sydney when it closed in 2006. After the studio shut down in Sydney, she and her husband moved to Portland, Oregon, the comic artist vortex of the universe. She didn’t decide to become an artist right away, she has a degree in music, and spent one bad year in design school before she started making a living at it.

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Comic Con 2011: Celine Chapus

Celine Chapus has been working as an illustrator since 2007, but she’s been drawing her whole life. She decided to pursue this full time after she accidentally walked into a pirate themed store in North Hollywood (Chest of Divas, I think she said), and there was a small gallery in the back of the store. The store manager, Crystal, was curating shows on a monthly basis and Celine had her portfolio with her and got a show! And it was a hit! And that’s how she got started devoting all her time to art making.

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