Convention Report: Sakura-Con 2013


One of the most amazing scenes I saw at Sakura-Con 2013 is shown above. On Saturday afternoon, the park outside the Seattle convention center appeared to be filled with a sea of cosplayers. Last year’s convention was also well-attended, but this was something new. This crowd wasn’t limited to a small corner of the park, but went on and on for blocks. I haven’t seen an official attendance total for 2013, though unofficially I heard that it was at least 21,000. That would make it roughly the same size as last year, but the outdoor crowd looked much bigger.

Most of the people pictured above are dressed as characters from Homestuck, a series whose popularity continues to grow in the cosplay scene. Homestuck seemed to have the largest group of cosplayers at Sakura-Con this year.

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Convention Report: Kumoricon 2011


Kumoricon moved to Vancouver, Washington and expanded to occupy two hotels: the Vancouver Hilton and the Vancouver Red Lion on the Quay. In contrast to the previous two years in downtown Portland, where the space sometimes felt cramped and inconvenient, the new location was a treat. Having a huge park with a farmers’ market directly across the street from the hotel gave people an obvious place to go for food, photo shoots, and relaxation. It made Kumoricon feel kind of like a temporary small town of its own, with about 4,000 attendees roaming the area.

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Book Expo 2011: Overview

Happy Memorial Weekend! It has been that time of the year again, and before I even get on my experience this year. I have to say this year felt slightly like New York Comic Con last year again. Why? Because this year Book Expo America (#BEA) shared the same physical location as Blog World & New Media Expo (#BWENY), so there were twice the amount of panels and exhibition to cover. Badges for BEA also covered for Blog World, so attendees went back and forth between the two shows. Not that Blog World detracts from the main focus of BEA though, which is spreading buzz and excitement for what books are. Continue reading “Book Expo 2011: Overview”

MoCCA 2011 – Saturday Here I am!

On Saturday, I had a couple of events to attend, but the first thing I was able to head to was the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival, otherwise known as MoCCA. People who weren’t able to come to the city this past weekend, was definitely pretty envious as I saw from Twitter. This is a Saturday and Sunday event, that served as a fundraiser and showcase of the Museum’s accomplishments for the year. At this event, there were exhibitors, and panels. I wasn’t able to go to any panels, but I was around the exhibitor’s room, so these are pictures I took from Saturday. Continue reading “MoCCA 2011 – Saturday Here I am!”

NYC’s Rainbow Book Fair

During the last weekend of March on the 26th, I was definitely in high spirits for the winter to over. The weather was certainly partially paying attention to my wishes, since it was a sunny yet brisk day. I rarely am around the West Village, so the commute there was pretty interesting. You have to love or hate the weekend transit changes that occurs, it is mostly an annoyance for some routes. Continue reading “NYC’s Rainbow Book Fair”

NYCC/NYAF 2010: Navigation of a Mega Con

Photographs, and other components that make up compiling parts of a convention report is conducted, especially this convention. Time must be taken for regaining feeling of normalcy, after a very very VERY intense weekend. Words can’t sufficiently convey my feelings, as a professional, fan, and press. I can say that this is something that convention goers would probably not forget for a while to come, if they came to this event with an agenda or if it was to hang out with friends, view screenings, meet exceptional guests or sample new products, along with a mountain of other things to have done at the convention.
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Book Expo America 2010 – Part 1

Reported and Photographs by Linda Yau

Book Expo America had some notable changes this year. One it was moved to mid-week. Two, the exhibition show was cut by a day. Three the method for counting attendance was changed in mentioning a number of professionals vs. exhibitioners. There were 21,919 verified professionals, excluding exhibitioners that were at the show. Registered number in attendance though was 27,211, and comparing this to last year’s 29,923. The smaller number was attributed to the shorten show days Next year the format of the show will be going back to three days instead of two days. Continue reading “Book Expo America 2010 – Part 1”