Convention Report: Kumoricon 2012

Photography by Tom Good. Assistant: Katie Burger


Kumoricon had its tenth anniversary this year, and like last year it was held in Washington, at the Vancouver Hilton and the Vancouver Red Lion on the Quay.  I’ve noticed over the years that as the convention grows, so does the attendance for “Day 0,” the day before the convention officially starts.  Years ago the convention itself felt fairly small, then attendance grew but Day 0 felt like a smaller more private occasion.  This year total attendance was 4,750 people, and so many cosplayers filled the park across from the Hilton on Day 0 that I definitely felt like the convention was already fully under way.  At this rate, I suspect that a “Day -1” may eventually appear.

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Convention Report: Kumoricon 2011


Kumoricon moved to Vancouver, Washington and expanded to occupy two hotels: the Vancouver Hilton and the Vancouver Red Lion on the Quay. In contrast to the previous two years in downtown Portland, where the space sometimes felt cramped and inconvenient, the new location was a treat. Having a huge park with a farmers’ market directly across the street from the hotel gave people an obvious place to go for food, photo shoots, and relaxation. It made Kumoricon feel kind of like a temporary small town of its own, with about 4,000 attendees roaming the area.

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Cosplay photography panels at AM2 convention July 3, 2011

Hey, cosplay fans, mark your calendars: Tom Good and I will be doing panels from 10-12 on Sunday, July 3, 2011 at the AM2 Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center.

July 3, 2011
10-11 AM
AM2 Convention
Anaheim Convention Center
Room 207 D


Creative Cosplay Photography
July 3, 2011, 11AM – 12PM
AM2 Convention
Anaheim Convention Center
Room 207 D

And it’s FREE ADMISSION all three days of the convention.